Top Ten Performing Art Blogs

My Google Reader feed consistently has hundreds of entries.  I subscribe to blogs on politics, theology, dance, Pilates, theatre, mental health and more! I want to share with you my Top Ten, Must-Read, Go-To Blogs in the performing arts.  


1. Dance Advantage-  Nichelle Strzepek has created, I think, the best site for dance info. She writes for teachers, parents and students. Her topics run from choreography, to educational theories to tips of the trade. I linked to her in the post before this! Guest bloggers are regularly featured, deepening the offerings at Dance Advantage. Anyone involved in the dance world should be reading!

2. Dancing Perfectly Free- With sneak peeks and reviews, Dancing Perfectly Free is perfect for seeing who’s performing what, when, where.  Great for dance current events!


3. On Theatre and Politics- This blog combines two of my interests.  Freeman’s posts are always funny, always insightful, and often about “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”.  Which, for theatre people, is like a train wreck; you just can’t look away!

4. The Clyde Fitch Report- I think I should have called this heading Arts and Politics, because that is what it has become! Named for the playwright, CFR is heavy on theatre news, but also includes arts advocacy and the hilarious Brown Tweed.

Performing Arts

5. Fractured Atlas- For most artists, Fractured Atlas is THE resource- free courses, discounts on health insurance, micro-grants, etc.  The blog encompasses all of those things.  Fractured Atlas regularly introduces new members and partners, exposing great work being done around the country.  The blog also features thoughts on business, policy and more.

Arts Advocacy

6. ARTSBLOG- Contributors from around the country write on topics near and dear to many artists: Advocacy, Education, Policy, Leadership, Research, and more.  A great resource for current events and the state of the arts across the country.

7. Arts, Culture and Creative Economy- As a resident of Philadelphia’s Main Line, this blog is especially relevant for me.  Written by Gary Steuer, Philadelphia’s Culure Czar, this blog focuses on the arts as an economic force. Full of stories, stats, and a Philly spotlight.

Arts Business

8. The Art of the Business- Written by Rebecca Coleman, this blog is a great look at social media and technology for artists. 

9. The Mission Paradox Blog- Artists often struggle to find balance between creating meaningful art, and creating art that sells.  Adam Thurman asks the tough questions of artists and art organizations, to move you forward.

The Definitive Blog for Everything

10. Seth’s Blog- no matter your occupation- Seth Godin’s writings challenge you to go deeper, push harder, learn more, step up, examine the status quo. An absolute daily read!