I’ve been a bit of a lazy blogger lately. I just feel like I haven’t really had anything to say that wasn’t said already.

Then, last week, just when I was starting to feel ready, I hit my head. Had a concussion. Was on “brain rest” for the week. No computer, no typing, no texting, no reading, etc. Nothing that would require focus and fine motor coordination. Of course, I still taught my classes and lessons, so I was only semi-obedient.

So, I do apologize for my lack of writing lately. I’ve felt really rather guilty about it. But, we’re back!  And, I’ve realized a have a whole  bunch of things to talk about.

  • Teaching dance for high school students
  • Teaching a competition dance team
  • Choreographing a high school music
  • Sitting behind the table with Penelope Reed, and watching her make auditions a beautiful experience for everyone who came in front of us
  • Tales from Poe rehearsal process
  • Struggling to launch a small business
  • Reflections on a full year at Hedgerow
  • The importance of time off

So, look for all of these topics!