Happy Anniversary

I've been working at Hedgerow Theatre for over a year. It's been an incredible, fun, educational, illuminating year. 

I started out as a choreographer. Just coming in, teaching a dance and leaving. In early December, that changed, when I happened to mention to the costume designer that I would be willing to be onstage. And I practically haven't stepped off since. 

Hedgerow is slightly unique in its design. It is a resident repertory theatre. The company also does about 90% of the work- admin, tech, acting, maintence. They are an amazingly talented, creative, hard-working group. I feel lucky to be with them.

I've choreographed. I've acted. I've sung. I've taught. I've stage managed, including running lights and sound. I've written grants. I've helped with auditions. I've learned the Box Office. There's very little I haven't done (Like demolishing the downstairs bathroom at the house. I'm not to be trusted with sledgehammers.).

I've learned so much. About myself as an artist, a teacher, an administrator, a friend. I've certainly become a more confident choreographer, teacher and artist. I'm doing it all the time, so that helps to build it. I have a creative team around me that believes in me. Gives me opportunities to work, explore, experiement.

It's been astonishingly hard work. And I wouldn't change any of it for the world.