Why I Dance

Me. Photo by Craig Rothfuss, Studio 2 Photography
I came to dance late- 6th grade.  Practically ancient.  I had wanted to dance, for pretty much ever, but it was not something my family was in a position to do. Finally, I got to go to class.  My friend Katie brought me for “Bring a Friend Week”.  I had fun, but I was very aware that the rest of my class had almost 10 years more experience than I did.

I kept dancing, eventually going on pointe, competing, and all those things you aspire to in a studio setting.  I did well enough to study dance in college. I went to
Eastern University, as dance minor.  It was Eastern where I was first exposed to modern dance.  And found my voice.  In modern, individuality, creativity and exploration are encouraged. I loved finding new ways to move that were not part of the ballet or jazz vocabulary, but were still “right”.

But, even at Eastern, where I was the first official Dance major at the school, I never lost that feeling of being behind.  I solidified my desire to be a choreographer, and speak through dance. But I felt unqualified to do so, at the same time.

Thankfully, I never stopped dancing.  After school, I taught creative dance and ballet at a studio on the weekends.  The woman who ran the studio had a company, and I became a part of it.  I think in the 5 years since my graduation, I’ve grown more as a dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher than ever before. (And, I think a lot of that came from Pilates. Strength, stretch and alignment make a big difference for a dancer!) I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great choreographers. I’ve met talented, creative artists who push me to the next level. (Check out my
About Me page for more on this!)

I now make my living teaching and creating, and even performing.  I think I’m incredibly lucky.

I love teaching.  I love seeing someone “get it”. I especially love the dance coaching- working with those students who don’t fit in a traditional class.  Maybe because of gender, age, or just a crazy schedule.  Maybe the student would feel uncomfortable about his/her level of experience (or lack thereof) if s/he joined a dance class. Well, I’ve been there, I’ve felt that, and I’ve succeeded anyway.

I love performing. Mainly because I just love to dance.

I love creating. The act of making a gift to share with someone, in the best way I know how. And now, this blog is part of that creation.  I hope you like it!