Let’s Review- Week of 2/7

Photo by creativedc. Used under Creative CommonsA run-down of the good stuff I read this week!

In the arts world this week, the big news is the dissolution of the Kansas Art Commission as a state-run service. With more states, Texas, South Carolina, and others, putting their arts budgets and agencies on the chopping block (not to mention the NEA!), this move is certainly concerning.
The story: Kansas Arts Commission Fighting for Survival by Jay Dick and Kansas Gov Abolishes Arts Commission by Leonard Jacobs.
What it Means: Okay, it’s official: State Arts Agencies are in Trouble by David Ian Moss
Who will commit to calling/emailing their elected officials? Or joining an organization like Americans for the Arts who work on Arts Advocacy across the country?

If you are like me, you spend many a sleepless night wondering how to reach new audiences. Jim Stark offers a reassuring explanation of why theatre-goers are of an, um, wiser demographic. Feel better now?
Well, that doesn’t let us off the hook for making relevant, meaningful art for our communities! Attendance Matters by Pete Miller. And not just for revenue.
Thoughts, theatre people?

I’m addicted to news about “Turn Off the Dark”. There. I said it. It is my guilty pleasure. So with the reviews and the brouhaha surrounding them this week, I had a lot of fun. 
I should probably try to be more balanced here. But I’m not. It’s my blog. And this is what I liked. Here you go:

The review by Ben Brantley for the New York Times
A defense of the critics: Spidey, Your Time is Up by The Playgoer
Matthew Freeman, over at On Theatre and Politics, loves to hate it as much as I do. Along the same lines, Matthew Yglesias, of Think Progress has been tweeting and retweeting new phrases spawned by this show-  my fave by @capntransit “In Japan they say, ‘This political debate is degenerating into a Broadway musical’.” Bwahahaha.

Artists create. But sometimes we get stuck (I’m experiencing a bit of that now, but more on that next week). Britt Bravo sums up Tina Seelig’s 9 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity Quotient. Do any of these sound fun to you? Would you try them?

This might just be for me. But, I have to think, if it resonated for me, it will for someone else. I left my “pay the bills job” this week. And these posts were perfectly timed.
“So be smart, be strategic, be brave but by all means . . . go for it.” by Adam Thurman
“You don’t need more time...you just need to decide.” by Set Godin

I hope you’re inspired!