Let’s Review- Week of 2/21

A Full Month of #SupplyDemand! I wrote my own #supplydemand post that will be posted next week. Stay tuned.  Until then, look at these graphs and read the super-smart Devon Smith.

Arts Jobs
2amt had a series of blog posts this week on jobs in the arts. Not “where are they, how do I get one”, but what kind of job arrangement is best. As someone with a variety of jobs pieced together, but all in my field, I found this very interesting. So here they are: Full, Part and Between Jobs.

Arts Marketing
I’ll be writing on Arts Marketing next week too. Adam Thurman at Mission Paradox blog had some great things to say on that topic this week. What story does our marketing tell? Do we know what an audience really wants?

As one of my part-time job mentioned above is work for a foundation, as a Grants Officer, I read a lot of philanthropy and non-profit blogs. I liked this post from Philanthropy 2173 about why  the James Irvine Foundation is on Twitter. They are asking some great questions I hope to put to work at LibertyMe.  


This is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  Ta-Nehisi Coates had two fabulous posts over at The Atlantic this week on food. One deals with Hollywood, and its almost-always messed up relationship with food. The other starts out being about oatmeal, but becomes an excellent social critique of how we treat our food.  Money quote:
I think what Bittman urges in his writing is is consciousness. He wants people to think hard about what they're eating. I strongly suspect that people go to McDonald's for the exact opposite reason--to get unconscious. Understanding why that it is, goes beyond our food. It's about how we live.