Prediction 2011- Artists and Educators Become Geeks

"Technology" -- A gift that keeps on giving photo by Curtis Palmer, under Creative Commons license. A sign on the side of New City Church in downtown Birmingham on the night of their open house for a new technology center for the community.

Sometimes, technology and I fight. Like setting up this website. Editing video was really tricky. As was adding the Feedburner subscribe and email widgets.  But, I eventually got there.

Usually, technology and I get along fine. I consider myself an intelligent person.  I can figure things out- usually because I’m not terribly afraid of making mistakes on the way, or asking for help when  I need it (Thanks to Chuck, Shaun, and the forums for Squarespace and Feedburner). Also, I really like the show The IT Crowd.  Which kind of makes me a geek. Therefore, I’m completely qualified to speak on this subject.

I predict that technology is going to be the final frontier for those of use in the movement instruction world.  It’s already happening in small pockets, but I think it’s going to take off.  

We’re going to see workouts, not just on DVD or a podcast, but now Skype’d. A personal trainer, just not in the flesh. What has been an “instructional” format will be “interactive”. Mary Helen Bowers, a former City Ballet dancer, trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan.  Now, you too can train with Mary Helen, via Skype.

I think the same thing is going to happen in coaching. Some audition coaches are already doing sessions on Skype, in addition to their in-person offerings.

Using technology in this way is going to open our view of who our client base is/is not. Instructors need not be limited by location.

Flip cams make it easy to record choreography, not just in performance, but to post on a website for rehearsal review.  Snow storms don’t have to mean missing a rehearsal! Plus, then you’re ready for YouTube.

Live streams connect people in various locations to seminars and performances hundreds of miles away. Last week’s New Play discussion in DC was a great example of this.  Theatre people from around the WORLD watched the stream, and joined in the discussion on Twitter with the people that were actually there.

Technology is making the world smaller, more connected, while at the same time expanding our horizons of what it means to do our jobs as teachers and coaches. We can join forces with artists and/or instructors in Australia, Austin and our hometown.  We can find clients in those same places!

I’m excited (and slightly overwhelmed) with the opportunities that are being presented to us. I think it’s time to get moving and be a nerd.