Let's Review- Week of 1/31

A collection of some of the best stuff I read this week.

The Supply/Demand in the Arts Debate
Last week, during a panel at the New Play Development Program discussion at the Arena Stage in DC, NEA Chair Rocco Landesman suggested supply and demand are issues that must be addressed in the arts- particularly in amongst non-profit arts organizations.  It’s created some great discussions around the web!

#SupplyDemand- from Rocco Landesman on the NEA’s Blog, ArtWorks
The Need for Theater R & D and More Thoughts on Rocco Landesman at the Arena- from Theatre Ideas
Supply and Demand (the economic force that dare not speak its name)- from Fractrued Atlas Blog
Dear Rocco- from 2AMt

Philly News
Here’s a great interview on Barry’s Blog, with Olive Mosier of the William Penn Foundation.  A must-read for arts orgs writing a grant to them!

Deep Thoughts
Is your work different enough to set you apart? Thought-provoking post from Adam Thurman on the Mission Paradox Blog.
Are you unreasonable? I hope I am. Seth Godin is challenging, as always.

I love my Steelers, and it is Super Bowl week, so football is making an appearance on my blog.

The NFL Cross-Over- from Ta-Nehisi Coates at TheAtlantic.com