A Leap of Faith

Yatzaira Marcano and I in "jk", as part of the ETC. Series 2010 Photo by Bill HToday, Wednesday February 9th, 2011, marks an important day for me. After 5 years, I am leaving my “pay the bills job” at a Group Benefits brokerage (Insurance is my super-power. I can explain those crazy plan descriptions and bills you get.). I am at a very nice place in my life (no kids, no debt), to jump. So, I am making the transition to all arts-y work.

Now, I will be working over 20 hours a week at LibertyMe Foundation, reading grant proposals, making site visits and other non-profit work. So there will be a measure of stability in my life. But the rest of my time is going to be devoted to teaching and creating.

I know that I am an excellent Pilates instructor. And now I will have the time to grow my clientele.

I feel that I have found a special niche with this Dance Coaching business. I am going to give myself the energy to focus on it and develop it.

I enjoy choreographing more than anything in the world, and am opening myself up to more gigs.

This blog is going to grow to, and focus on those things.

I’m excited and terrified. But, here we go!