Let’s Review- Week of 3/7/11

Working in the Arts
Continuing on the vein of last week’s posts on jobs from 2AMt (plus my own this week), Scott Walters at at Theatre Ideas has been posting all week “Advice to a Theatre Major”. A must-read for anyone working in the arts.
Also check out Leonard Jacob’s essay for World Theatre Day on “Why Work in Theatre?”. And, Leonard asks Keith Olbermann to cover the Creative Economy. Great post of stats and questions, especially this one- “What is the role of culture in society?”
Matt Yglesias also surveys the job market/economy situation, and decides that yoga instructor is the job of the future. Not just  the yoga instructor, but those providing personal services- doing something people either don’t want to do (ie clean the bathroom at the airport) OR doing something that it is hard to do well.
Then there’s this interesting item. While we value creativity, it seems we don’t necessarily value it in our leaders. What do you think? Do creative people make bad leaders?  And Joe follows it up with a post about elitism in the arts and comparing the arts to sports. Money quote:

There is a perception that hard work over a short term and heart is enough to earn A’s in school or an acting/dancing/singing position. Shows like American Idol may perpetuate this idea, but it is definitely a misapprehension shared by people pursuing arts training and degrees. Regardless of the profession, there are only a few who can operate at an elite level and fewer still who have invested the effort to do so.
Creative Activities
A new report released this week show that attendance at arts events is related to childhood arts education and personal participation in arts creation. I didn’t realize this was news. But hey, at least we’re talking about it!

Grant Writing
Some great advice from Adam Thurman.

2 great posts, here and here, from Lynda Lippin on the financial benefits of exercise participation. (Didn’t see that one coming did you?)

Best thing I saw this week:


Hat tip to Elizabeth Campbell at NonProfit Millennial.