Let’s Review- Week of 3/14

Matthew Freeman reminds us that “economics is a single lens through which to view the world”, not the only lens.

Creative Process
Adam Thurman wrote this week at Mission Paradox about the pain of creating. Suffering, pain and trauma are all part of making art. However, if that’s all you ever experience, you may need to reevaluate. There should be rewards to the pain.

How to Succeed in Business...By Really Trying
I love Hugh MacLeod’s cartoons. His latest books is called Evil Plans. Not, like, world domination or anything. But that anti-institutional, anti-traditional plan forming in your brain.  He did an interview this week with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.

“Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN. Everybody needs that crazy, out-there idea that allows them to ACTUALLY start doing something they love, doing something that matters. Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN that gets them the hell out of the Rat Race, away from lousy bosses, away from boring, dead-end jobs that they hate. Life is short.”

And sometimes, the only way to move to success is to face your fear. Seth Godin talks about the perils of protecting your vulnerabilities, rather than pushing forward anyway.

Good Giving (and a personal plea from me)
After working for a non-profit, and now for a foundation, I see the importance of giving unrestricted funds (Hat tip Andrew Sullivan and the Daily Dish). While disasters, like that in Japan last week, prompt new levels of giving, sometimes that’s not all that helpful! If an aid agency ends up with millions of left-over dollars, ear-marked for a certain disaster, that’s wasteful. If an aid agency can’t build up forward stock, to respond to future disasters, that’s harmful.
From me- If you are giving to Japan, or any other emergency situation around the world, please consider giving unrestricted funds, rather than earmarked ones. Allow the organization of your choice to use the funds where they are most needed. That might be some disaster you haven’t heard about- ie, do you know ShelterBox, while committing 5000 boxes to Japan, is also responding to the widespread flooding in Bolivia and Madagascar? With everyone giving to Japan, those people in Madagascar might need some extra attention! If you’ve done due diligence on an organization, or are giving to a largely reputable one, there is no need to earmark funds! Please let the aid agency of your choice decide where the money can best be used.

What if the world stopped to dance? Today at 3PM EST, let’s answer that question. Check out danceanywhere.org!  While it is probably to late to get an event scheduled, don’t let that stop you. Let’s spread a little joy today!