Let’s Review- Week of 2/28

A great post of comments, actually, from a Scott Walters. It’s long, but worth a read.

Arts Funding
Hyundai wants everyone to join their “Compact Crampotosis” Cause on Facebook. Why would you do something so silly, as join a cause for a fake disease? Well, because Hyundai is giving $.50 for everyone who joins to Americans for the Arts! Get on it. (Full disclosure- I drive a Hyundai, and think they are great anyway!)

Work in the Arts
Last week I posted a series of articles from 2amt on working in the arts. Here’s another one, on having 2 jobs- a 9 to 5 and your art. I will write my own on this blog next week. Stay tuned!
Along these lines, the Artful Manager, Andrew Taylor, wrote this week on “arts entrepreneurship”. I’ve been reading a lot about entrepreneurship lately (more on that next week, too!). So I found this post really timely and excellent. I think an artist needs to be an entrepreneur. Even if you don’t have a “real business”, you should be treating yourself and your art with the same serious approach you would bring to a business. Especially if you want to make a living at it!

When I stopped into the 2amt stream weeks again for the #newplay weekend at the Arena Stage, there was a lot of talk about “devised theatre”. Um. What? Well, here’s a good definition, in case you don’t know either.
I linked to this post over at Theatre and Politics by Matthew Freeman on Wednesday. “New” is desirable for film. Scary for plays, at least, scary to the institutions.
Speaking of Matthew Freeman, a funny post about dating actors. And really, it relates to everyone!

And, World Theatre Day is coming! Get ready!