Announcing the Launch of The Audition Advantage!

Shaun Yates and Nicole LaBonde. Photo by Ashely E. SmithI, together with the amazingly talented Shaun Yates, am very pleased to announce our new venture- The Audition Advantage. Go look at our shiny new website!

The Audition Advantage is a coaching service, for students and professionals, to develop audition skills. Between the 2 of us, we’ve been in theatre for 29 years- directing, choreographing, accompanying, performing, teaching. We’ve participated in a lot of auditions, from one side of the table or another.

My interest in this comes from personal experience, something I touched on in an earlier post. I came to dance late- in middle school. It’s awkward starting dance in your teens. You are left struggling way behind your peers, or put into a class with children. Neither is a good situation. Neither helps you learn.

Actors often take voice lessons and monologue coaching, so why not dance? These private sessions can cover every genre used in theatre, or focus a specific need. High school students wishing to study Musical Theatre in college will find these sessions especially useful. For example, we have 1 client right now who needed ballet for an audition. He came in for private ballet sessions to prepare him.

We also offer coaching in singing and acting. The sad truth is that very few of us are triple threats. We always have the 1 thing we are and the other 2 things we just do. I am a dancer. I can act and sing. Coaching can help refine those skills you “just do”.

Headshot and resume formatting are tricky things. We can help you with that. Then, there is our ultimate service- the mock audition.  We go through each section- singing, acting, dancing- and usually some interview questions. Auditions are always nerve-wracking. But, knowing that you have prepared as best you can gives you confidence!

And confidence is something no one can teach. You have to develop it for yourself. That is the real Audition Advantage.