Let’s Review- Week of 4/25

Life in the Arts

A beautiful, thoughtful post from the Guardian (full of links to more posts) about the intersection of spirituality and theatre.

Again at the Guardian (maybe I should move to the UK), a post on working in theatre, and how that usually means working somewhere else- temping, being a barista, etc. A subject bloggers at 2AMt and I wrote about a while ago. This one offers some ideas for solutioins.

Adam Thurman at Mission Paradox reminds us that life in the arts is a fight. Get ready.

Another from Adam, this time about marketing. And what is missing in much of it- emotion.

I wrote this week about the importance of failure. And so did Seth Godin (Not that I am in any way on level with Seth).

“You can’t have success unless you’re prepared to failure.”


The wonderful Nichelle at Dance Advantage provides a list of dance books for National Dance Week. Check out my list here.

Oh, yeah. This is National Dance Week. I wrote a post on the importance of arts education you should read. And if you’re in Philly, you have 2 chances to celebrate- this Friday in the city, and next Friday in the ‘burbs.  I’ll be dancing at next Friday’s event!

And, You’re Weekly Kick in the Pants

Seth Godin tells us to re-evaluate our persona.

And, Sam Davidson writes a to-do list for the Non-Profit Millennial:

Your to-do list really isn’t all that long:
  • Create things that matter
  • Say things that people need to hear
  • Do things that you will remember