Let’s Review- Week of 4/4

Tuesday, 4/5/11 was Arts Advocacy Day! There was a lot of great conversations about arts in public life, arts education, and arts funding.

Michael Kaiser caused a bit of a stir with his assertion that 20-something have a low cultural IQ. Read it here. David Loehr had a fan-tabulous rebuttal over at 2AM Theatre’s blog. Read it here.

Howard Sherman also caused some conversation with his Defense of the Invalid, aka live theatre.
99seats at Parabasis took issue with it. Rob Weinert-Kent at The Wicked Stage agreed with Sherman. Even Chris Wilkinson at the Guardian (UK) weighed in. Actually, speaking of, the Stage for the Guardian is wonderful. I just found it this week. Subscribe.

I’m just going to let you read all of these things, without my opinion. Next week, I have a nice long post coming up on these!

And, Tim Robbins wrote a great letter to Congress on Arts Advocacy Day, calling for support of the National Endowment of the Arts.

Adam Thurman over at Mission Paradox again addresses the importance of investing in yourself and your art.

And, even the Onion gets in on the act with reports of President Obama directing community theater.