I'm an Addict

Photo by Julia. Used by Creative Commons License.

Hi. My name is Nicole and I’m an audition addict. (It’s a thing. Really.) I’m on a string of them right now. And I’m looking for more. I can’t seem to stop myself. There is a rush of adrenaline in the preparation. A high in the performance. Almost always followed by a terrible crash.

I said it last week, but it bears repeating. To audition, you must have unshakable confidence and a wide streak of masochism. Otherwise, you won’t survive.

You know what the worst ones are? The ones you never hear from. Not the, “We’ve decided to go with someone else for this role”. Just the ones that never call, or email, or text. It’s very rude. Understandable, though. I mean, who wants to call a bunch of people and give them bad news?! I wouldn’t. But, still. It would be nice to hear from you. Just so I stop waiting.

The best ones? You’d think it would be the ones that you get. It isn’t. The best ones are the ones you learn from. This is not mutually exclusive of the worst ones, mind you. I’ve learned a lot in these past few auditions where I got nothing:

1. Don’t wear 4 inch heels. I become a giant.
2. My German accent is not great.
3. I am a dancer. I move like one. Deal with it.
4. I’m funny. Especially when I curse. Because no one expects it.
5. Speed, in learning and in movement, is really not my thing. I can work on that.
6. I have limits, lines, preferences and standards. I won’t do things that don’t fit with that.

This is a pretty good list of things to have learned in the last month or so! And I know I have much more to learn. Bring it on!