Let's Review- Week of 5/23

Sobering Arts News

Tony Kushner, after finally getting his honorary degree, tells Time Out this week that even he cannot make a living as a playwright. Ouch.  As someone who pieces together a living for a variety of sources, I don’t find this totally surprising, but a bit disheartening.

Michael Kaiser writes on the tension between stability and vision, artists and executives- constant battles in arts organizations.

Adam Thurman at Mission Paradox challenges us to do a little less, or at least, to really pay attention to what we are doing, in our marketing. What would that mean for your organization?

Cool Ideas of the Week

Theatre at home. Guardian UK discusses Wonderbar Productions and their works set in homes. Real people’s homes. Reality shows, in person. The drama of every day life, on display. I’d be up for trying this.  Fringe 2012, anyone?

Listen.  While Katya is writing especially about non-profits, this works in the arts, and in everyday life.

I Love That This Exists

Joe, at Butts in the Seats, draws our attention to the CDC’s website, and their advisory for Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness. This makes me laugh out loud. BUT, my favorite part is how Joe ties it in to the arts- musicians have more highly developed brains. Therefore, they are more delicious for zombies. Go read it. Enjoy!

Your Weekly Kick in the Pants

This week courtesy of Adam Thurman and Mission Paradox- Ask yourself why you are involved in your arts organization. The answer had better be “Because I have to”.

And a bonus one from Sasha Dichter- Practice creating and letting go.