Photo by Dagny Scott. Used by Creative Commons License.

I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. I wrote about it last week. Apparently, I’m not done.

And, I’ve been getting my butt kicked lately by things others have wrote.

If you haven’t already, check out Seth Godin’s blog (Subscribe to it. Do it now.). Seth is constantly writing challenging posts that apply to every sector, but I find them especially good for the arts and non-profits.  

And then subscribe to Scott Ginsberg’s blog. Actually, follow @nametagscott on Twitter. His 140 characters regularly make me stop and think.

Of course, you should only do these things if you want to be challenged. If you recognize that business as usual, “the way we’ve always done it”, tradition, doesn’t work anymore. That the economy we thought we were inheriting has gone with the wind. That innovation is healthy. Even if it sometimes means failure. That failure is a set up for success. “Even falling feels like flying for a while”, I think is the line from some old country-western song.

Unless we, as business owners, non-profit workers, artists, are ready to be challenged, to be pushed, to be questioned and to fail, we are not ready to succeed. That’s a terrifying thought, at least for me.

Everyone wants to think s/he have the fool-proof solution. Guaranteed success. That your business plan has been so well researched, there is no way anything can go wrong. It can. Be ready. Those who have thought through failure will succeed. Failure is where you prove your product/service, where you prove yourself.

There is much to be said for failure.  It is more interesting than success.  ~Max Beerbohm, Mainly on the Air, 1946