Celebrate Your Comfort Zone

Photo by Joel Olives. Used by Creative Commons License.

I’m writing this, because I need to hear it. I’m guessing there are a few of you who do as well.

We all have comfort zones. And I don’t just mean a place where you feel good about what you’re doing, but a place where what you’re doing is good. Without trying to hard. A natural fit.

In my dance studio job, 90% of the classes, and therefore the teachers, are hip-hop. I am not. Ballet, jazz and modern are things I do. And do well. And feel good about myself doing them. Of course, this is not a reason to not work on it! As I write this, I’m taking a hip-hop class in an hour and half.

In acting, the bitchy roles seems to fit me. And I have a lot of fun with them! I do character development work, for sure. But not as much as I would have to do if I was playing the ingenue.

For Sex and Murder, I was cast as Melinda/Miranda. I was thrilled to not be cast as Clarrie/Carrie or Samantha. I could not have pulled it off without a serious amount of work. Which, in 10 days, there just wasn’t time for.

I do think one of those roles, as a softer female, would be fun. I could learn it if I had time. And it would be good for my range as an actor.

But, it’s good to know where you are comfortable. Where you are good. We need to embrace those things. As performers, whether dance or acting, we spend a lot of time thinking about the places where we are not so good. We take classes, hire coaches, curse our genes and compare ourselves to everyone else.

A little competition is healthy in our business. It keeps us sharp and hungry. Working to better yourself is always good! But it’s so easy to get stuck there. To wallow in the “I’m not good enough”.  

Don’t forget to embrace your strengths. Celebrate the areas where you working at a high level. Keep working, but have fun on the way.