Let’s Review- Week of 6/20

Scott Walter’s on the cultural significance of theatre. Or more acurately, why it doesn’t matter.

Also via Scott, David Diamond’s book Theatre for Living- Today a vast majority of people buy theatre, buy dance, buy paintings, buy books, buy movies; the list goes on and on. We now pay strangers to tell us stories about strangers. But when do we use the symbolic language of theatre, dance, etc., to tell our own stories about our collective selves?

An arts administration discussion at Parabasis, inspired by Alli Houseworth.

Check out this great free webinar for marketing!

Adam Thurman, at Mission Paradox, talks about an position I’m glad to be in- one of perspective. I serve on a board. I work for a foundation. I used to run a non-profit. I write grants. Each of those separate experiences makes me better at the others. Actually ties in nicely with the arts administration links above.

Via For Impact,  “I think if you are doing something meaningful and important and you stop doing it, you’ll always look back with regret.”- Dr. Morrus Pollard

And, Parabasis reminds us that this joy of my childhood/teen years is 20 years old.