The Things I Do for Art....

As I write, today is the first day of Musical Theatre Summer Camp at Hedgerow. For camp, I doing something I haven’t done in ages, and something I’ve never done before. I will be accompanying students on the piano. And, I will be writing the show. No pressure.

Thankfully, the camp is all kids I’ve worked with, on Oliver!, Godspell or Cinderella. So they’ll be kind. I’m actually excited about trying to write the show. I think I have some good ideas that could really become something. Maybe not in 3 weeks...but, it’s a good starting point.

As for the piano part. I’m not terribly excited about that. I don’t really play that much anymore. So, it’s time to get my chops up. Practice, practice, practice.

This camp really is a chance for me to be my best self in all aspects- teacher, choreographer, musician, singer, writer, actor, director. It’s a steep challenge, but I believe I up to it. I’ve been learning, training and practicing for a time like this. It’s a chance to prove my artistry, in every area.

I feel a little overwhelmed. I feel a little terrified. Yet, at the same time, I’m excited and eager. Mark 3:30pm, Friday, July 15th on your calendar. You’re all invited to Shakespeare Showstoppers!