Work it!

I haven’t written for a bit. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with work. Which is fantastic.

I taught Pilates for Dancers at 3 different summer intensives. (I’d love to be known as the person who does that.) I taught Musical Theatre at one. I have my own private Pilates students and mat classes. I have a private dance student. I working at LibertyMe. I’m working at Hedgerow. I’m in 2 shows and rehearsing a 3rd.

Starting next week, I’ll have production and faculty meetings for my new school job.

I’ve been putting in long hours. I almost never turn work down. The arts and fitness sectors are unpredictable. It’s often feast or famine. I try to take everything I can, when I can. Save up. Make connections. I will likely need both at some point in the future.

And the nice thing for me is- I love my work. I am completely blessed to be doing what I want to do. Everything is dance, Pilates, theatre, non-profit work, or some combination of those. So, even those 14 hour days are fulfilling.

But it also means some things stop happening. Writing. Grocery shopping. So, if you don’t hear from me, know that I’m around. Teaching, creating, performing. Feeling really happy.