Let’s Review- Week of 8/8

Arts Quotes of the Week

Adam Thurman at Mission Paradox-
We ask for a lot in the arts. We ask for money, time and attention.  All of these are valuable resources.  Think about how difficult it is to get YOU to part with those things and you have a small understanding of what your audience is going through.

Michael Kaiser at The Huffington Post-

Smaller arts organizations are typically those which serve unique segments of our communities (the elderly, the disabled, communities of color, rural communities, etc.). Many of our nation's greatest artists were first exposed to the arts through these more specialized arts organizations.

Smaller organizations are also more likely to champion new adventuresome work....

Smaller organizations also provide a classroom for young artists who learn their craft by experimenting with less expensive and less visible projects. We would not have a large cadre of experienced artists without the smaller organizations that gave them their training and first opportunities to create work.

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