Thank you Tech Crew!

Photo by Roland Tanglao. Used by Creative Commons license.

It’s the middle of hell week for Good Doctor. Late nights. Early mornings. Last minute blocking changes. More notes than I can keep up with.

This is my first time assistant stage managing a show. And this was a heck of a one to start with! Tons of little props, and every scene has a set change. Yikes. Plus, running the cues for the first 3 to 4 scenes.

While in school, they did have all of the dance majors do a technical piece for one concert. We weren’t allowed to dance, we had to do something. I had the sound cues. These were called by the Stage Manager. I just had to press play. Easy. Actually running the show? Nerve wracking. I appreciate the effort made by the dance department to show us that there was more to a dance concert than just dance. However, this is a different game entirely!

I have a whole new respect for tech staff. You must be incredibly patient, as directors change their minds. You must be intensely attentive, as actors drop their lines or dancers don’t do the movement quite the same as it was when you set the cues. You must be completely calm, when things don’t quite work, a cue is missed, or your computer decides to go to sleep. Those that do their job well are completely unseen and unnoticed, except for that “Places” call. You do a lot of work, and get very little credit.

My thanks to you. I’ve found that I’m much more comfortable on stage than behind it. But I’m grateful for these new skills. And even more so, the new perspective. Thank you for all you do!