To Thine Ownself Be True

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(deep gratitude to Penn and Jared for helping me learn this)

When you perform- dance, act, sing- you are creating. You are molding a moment in time that can never be had again. It might be recorded, saved, whatever, but it will never HAPPEN again. You may not consider yourself a creator, but you are. You may be executing someone else’s movements or interpreting someone else’s words. You may be under the direction of someone else. BUT. You are the do-er- You are creating the moment for the audience.

No one else will have the opportunity. No one else will do it in the way you will. So, make it yours. Create your little creature and share it. Be true to your soul. Don’t acquiesce that responsibility to a director, choreographer, whoever. By all means,  follow directions, take your notes, do your job. And then, create an experience to share with your audience.