Let's Review- Week of 8/29


One of my favorite topics- video games and theatre. I'm still trying to figure out how this will work, but I feel this interactive, story immersion is the next frontier of theatre. The Guardian discusses Punchdrunk's work with PlayStation. Very cool.

Also at the Guardian- what does your rehearsal schedule look like? Does it end after opening? Or do you keep tweaking as you go? Having done it both ways, I can see the merits and pitfalls of each. What are your thoughts?


I wrote about community and the arts this week and got a great response. I will be exploring this more next week. But check out Maya's blog for Americans for the Arts, citing great examples of arts orgs that engage their communities. A couple of great Philly organizations are included!

Philly gets mentioned again in Barry's 25 Most Powerful and Influential Leaders in Non-Profit Arts. We have multiple reps on this list. Go Philly Arts!

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