Artistic Statement

I'm preparing to apply for the Teaching Artist Certificate program at UArts, and part of the process is something I likely should have done ages ago- writing my Artistic Statement. An Artistic Statement is who I am as an artist, and who I strive to be. In Googling for example, I found many fun Artistic Statement generators. While hilarious, I don't think they'll impress the auditors. 

I did find a series of questions and prompts, courtesy of Molly Gordon,  meant to evaluate and inspire, and they're quite useful. So, my next series of posts (which will be consistent and timely) will be answers to those as I form my statement. Culminating, of course, in the finished product. 

These are stream-of-consciousness, unedited, unformatted.

1. What is your favorite material? Why?

The human body- true personal expression, uniqueness

2. What do you like best about what you do?

  I love to watch dance transport someone- to a different state of mind or viewpoint, to a deeper understanding of oneself and environment. That's why I love teaching, watching students learn about dance, not just as a physical activity, but as an art form to communicate meaning. 

3. What do you mean when you say a piece has turned out really well?

When a piece has turned out well it means that I have communicated my meaning clearly, and it was executed with precision.

4. What patterns emerge in your work?

I tend to select a song first, then create the dance. If a song has words, I tend to teach to the words, rather than to the counts. My dances are modern/jazz, with a focus on angles and lines. They are heavily influenced by my work in Pilates, requiring floor work, core strength and balance. 

5. What do you do differently than the way you were taught? Why?

I had many different teachers, with different views on choreographing and teaching dance. I try to take the best and applicable parts from all. 

6. What is your favorite color? List 3 qualities of that color. Consider that these may apply to your work.

Chartreuse- bright, unique, accent

This is the second time I've seen unique in this series. I'd like to think I'm unique, and creating unique work. I know I want to be. I like the idea of accent- a moment of "pop", significanced.