Let's Review- Week of 9/24

Arts and Leadership

Barry at Westaf has collected stories of what respected arts leaders around the country have learned- about the arts, leadership, and life. Worth a read and reflection!

Arts and Economics

Out of my former city of residence, and still a city that I love (particularly the arts scene)- the arts’ multi-billion dollar impact on Philadelphia.

Arts and Social Change

The benefits of improv for the greater good by Marc Evan Jackson for Good.

In order to be good at improv, you must adhere to a few pretty stringent rules. You must listen to others. You must agree with what’s going on, and respect those you’re working with. You must: Get along. Work together. Be fearless. Show up with energy. Be willing to look silly and even fail. Your job, while improvising, is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and make them look good


A column in the Wall Street Journal about the single-mindedness artists display. Is it good? Bad? Necessary?