Let's Review- Week of 10/8

Arts Marketing

Mission Paradox is one of the best arts marketing blogs going. Adam regularly inspires and/or challenges me. This past week feature a 2-part series on marketing and money. Part 2 included this sentence: You spend money on marketing to leverage an organizational or artistic strength.

Last week, I linked to an Amelia Northrup post about Millennials. Thomas Cott included that post with this one by Colleen Dilenschneider in a You’ve Cott Mail Millennial edition. Dilenschneider gives 5 Facts all arts organizations should know about Millennials.

Gender and Theatre

Last week also saw a lot of posts re: gender and theatre. I recommend this one by Laura Shamas on an initiative that worked in LA. And this great, honest, questioning post by Mariah MacCarthy, that also links to 2 other posts worth reading and considering.

Continuing Education

I love reading. And in working on a theatre education panel regarding reading and acting, I’m always on the lookout for anecdotes and research regarding reading. Here’s one from Chloe Angyal at the Atlantic (hat tip to Andrew Sullivan) on adults reading to each other.

I tweeted about, and posted on Facebook, my excitement over Coursera. Thanks to Britt at Have Fun-Do Good for bringing it to my attention. Free online courses, in a variety of subjects, from some great universities! I’ve signed up for 2 already.


And, a funny look at dating-as-improv by Michael at Theatre Face.