Let's Review- Week of 10/15


Dan Gunderman at Duck Call has a post about time- creativity takes a lot of it! I feel so blessed that I now have a job that pays me for that creative development time, as well as the execution. I feel its rare, in the arts, to get that respect for the process. But incredibly necessary. This post also links to a great video of John Cleese addressing creativity. Worth the 30 minutes. Promise. 



Lyn Gardner at The Guardian reflects on her favorite character from a play. She explores our connections to characters, and our connections to them as our own lives change. I'll be looking at this more for myself next week!



From Canada, host to 2 fairly new ballets this season, comes a story of ballet's love of fairy tale. 


We enjoy the illusion because we know it’s not a trick of computers, but a labour of real bone and sinew. Ballet puts the nervous system back into the performance of fantasy.



David Ian Moss and Barry Hessenius post about Barry's Dinner-vention: If you could have dinner with arts leaders, who would they be? Moss offers brain storming ideas, and Barry will host the dinner!



We know I'm currently doing a good bit of research on reading. Here's another story, from Wired Science, this time on how reading affects the growth of the brain!


Words of Wisdom

From Seth Godin: "An organization that's run on emergencies and reaction to incoming doesn't know what to do when there are no problems."