Let's Review- Week of 10/1

Arts Marketing

The ever brilliant and challenging Adam Thurman asks us “What’s the point?” of all your ART stuff. If it’s just “butts in the seats”, it may be time to reevaluate.

Amelia Northrup examines marketing to Gen Y, the most coveted audience for arts organizations. As a member of Gen Y, I think she’s spot on.


One of my absolute favorites and must-read blogs, The Daily Dish, had a lot of great stuff this week.

Reviews of Mumford & Sons’ new album, Babel. Are they a Christian band? Are they not? Does it matter? Honestly, I don’t care. Their harmonies are killer.

An essay by Stephen Atckey on Shakespeare. The whole essay is worth a read, but the Daily Dish segment is beautiful.

And, an essay in Ploughshares from David McLean on being a writer. His reason is much the same as mine for being an actor. You get to be everything, do everything