Let's Review- Week of 12/3

Arts Education

The Daily Dish draws attention to Helen Vendler’s work in Harvard Magazine. She fears the undergraduate admissions process omits artists and creatives.

Richard Beck, a theologian, was talking to his wife, a theatre teacher. She was stressed about her production being “good”.

The case is made for athletic majors, using arts majors as a standard.  

According to Lyn Gardner, “you are never too young for the theatre”. And I agree.

Arts Profession

Erin Cronican reminds us that a life is the arts is neither glamorous nor easy. It requires sacrifice. Her list of 10 can apply to many freelance professionals, not just actors.

How old is too old to play a certain role? The Old Vic last week cast Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones as Beatrice and Benedick. Lyn Gardner offers thoughts here.

I get to do what I love. So do Leo Babauta and Scott Dinsmore.

Michael Kaiser praises the arts scene in Miami!

Arts Criticism

The Stage UK questions the need for context, and whether than can be too much info.


Hyphens, en- and em-dashes! (HT: The Daily Dish)


Andrew Sullivan cultivates a series called Letters from Millennial Voters. As one, this was resonant and insightful. Link goes to the first of the series, but I think it’s up to 3 or 4 installments now.