Let's Review- This Blog in 2012

photo by lowjumpingfrog Used by CC

I’m looking back over what I wrote this year. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a lot. But of what I did write, I think I had some good stuff! So here is my Best of Album of posts from 2012. Please feel free to leave a comment! (All mentioned pieces are linked to inside the main entry)

In February, I created My Artistic Statement. January was full of exercises and brainstorming, and I’m pretty please with what I wrote.

In May, I reflected on my role as a teacher and the role of the arts in education. Do We Teach the Product? Or the Process? And, Does it Matter? Teachers, what do you think?

In June, an NEA fellow really ticked me off with her column in the Huffington Post on modern dancers. I am a Dancer. No, Not “that” Kind of Dancer.

In September, I posted on a subject I know well- reading. I believe Good Actors are Good Readers. And, I was inspired by Isaac Butler’s list at Parabasis to identify More Dangerous Myths for Artists. I listed my big 3 here. What dangerous myths do you believe?

In October, I grappled with A Woman’s Place in the Theatre, as many bloggers were. I’ve got no answers, only lots of questions. I would love your comments on this one!

In November, I had my first official directing job. It was like herding cats. But much more rewarding. Directing is a like a road trip...with 20 children.