Let's Review- Week of 11/26


On the heels of last week’s McKellen/Nunn/Gardner stories regarding the health of repertory theatres and the state of English acting, Lyn Gardner asks for commenters to name excellent actors of the younger generation. The comments get pretty heated, but ask some good questions.

Nichelle offers advice on choreographing for musical theatre. I loved reading about her process.


Americans in the Arts lists the Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts.

Joe Patti asks an interesting question- “At what point does a work of art cease to be art?”

Daniel Siedell thinks artists behave strangely to justify their place in the world. And here, I just thought I was weird. (HT: The Daily Dish)

Interesting Reads on Other Topics

Elena Passarello details our evolutionary changes to create our voices- “It’s a fact—we only speak because we had to, and we literally re-wired ourselves to meet that burning need for self-expression.”

Virginia Woolf on the difference between reading and learning. (HT: The Daily Dish)

Seth Godin on the differences between anticipation and anxiety. I hope I can start to channel my anxiety into anticipation!