My Artistic Statement

OK! Here it is. My statement of who I am as an artist. It's still in draft form, and I would love feedback.


I am a choreographer, dancer, theatre artist and teacher, intrigued by the effects of music and story on the human body. My dances are often a combination of modern and jazz, with a focus on angles and lines. They are heavily influenced by my work in Pilates, requiring floor work, core strength and balance. My work is most satisfying when I am able to see a vision in my head translated to movement in the classroom or on the stage.

I love the process of creating and discovering movement, both alone and with my dancers. When I work with dancers, I am reminded that every body is different, and learns differently. I love watching students learn, not just about dance as a physical activity, but as an art form that communicates meaning. I consider a piece successful when I have communicated my meaning clearly, and it has been executed with precision.

I have had many different teachers, with different views on choreographing and teaching dance. I have studied Balanchine, Cecchetti and Vaganova techniques of ballet, Fosse jazz and Horton, Graham and release techniques of modern. In addition, I have studied ballroom, as well as English and Scottish dances. This varied background has served me well as a teacher, a choreographer and a performer. The breadth of training and teachers I have experienced gives me options in my vocabulary and images as I convey the art of dance to my students and dancers.