Let’s Review- How’d we get this far into May already?!

Why we Do What we Do-- I’ve spent a couple of hours over the last week typing up the comments on our audience response cards at Hedgerow. It’s been a refreshing reminder of the power of theatre to teach, lead us to questions and help us discover our own answers. Adam Thurman at Mission Paradox writes similarly- “But when it works . . .It can change lives. Never forget that.”

Kelly Dylla at CreatEquity.com examines the role of a “teaching artist” and argues that they should be involved with the oh-so-hot topic of “audience engagement”. 
Money quote: 

“This is a distinct discipline from learning one’s art form to produce finished works of art. A teaching artist is not just an artist or an art teacher; they study and are inherently interested in how others experience art. They are able to craft lesson plans, events, and performances that help facilitate deeper intrinsically-motivated experiences for all types of audiences.”

Thought for the week from Sasha Dichter:
"You can’t make people care.
You can make people act.
How does knowing this change what you say and do?"