Let's Review Week of 4/30

Arts Education

Leo Babuata at Zen Habits offers some interesting thoughts on learning. As a teacher, and typically a happy one, in both academic and studio settings, I’m always interested in educational theory. This time of year, it’s always a bit difficult to keep the kids focused and motivated. And I’ve found the past few weeks to be tough on me, mentally and emotionally (more on that next week).
Money quote: “The teacher’s job, really, is to fascinate the student. Fascination is the key to learning. Then help the student put the fascination into action.”

Being an Artist

I think Akhila Kolisetty read my blog post about striving!
Deep thought: “For me, at least, I’ve come to realize that constantly plotting my next step comes out of not fully being happy where I am in the present moment. If I work towards a situation where I’m in the place I want to be in life, of course, I don’t need to satisfy myself by trying to cross the next finish line. But the challenge for me – and I suspect for you too – is enjoying the moment even when the moment isn’t picture perfect.”

Sasha Dichter reminds us to practice a mentality of abundance- in personal and work settings.