Let's Review- a lot.

These are, for the most part from before Memorial Day. After Memorial Day, my life got crazy. But, more on that next week. I promise.

Adam Thurman reminds us that being an artist requires us to be business people.

Wisdom from Seth- “You will be judged. (Or you will be ignored.)” And, “If you build your business around being the lowest-cost provider, that's all you've got.”

The man we love to hate, Michael Kaiser, makes some great points about implementation. Planning it isn’t enough. You have to do! But, what rubbed me the wrong way here, is that he basically took a current client, and publicly scolded them. If he was my consultant, and I read about my organization in this way, he would no longer be my consultant. Thoughts?

An excellent examination, in the NYT by Alastair McCauley, of the choreography in the current crop of Tony nominees. This really sheds light on the different methods and elements that are part of choreographing a show. “There is no single method for choreography to succeed in a musical: It may be a source of isolated highlights or a unifying thread.”

A great HuffPo post from Chicago about what modern dance is, and why it is important.

And, a horrible, horrible Huffpo post, from an NEA fellow of all people, about poor dancers. Also, more on this at a later date. I’m currently too angry to speak reasonably.