Let's Review- Week of 9/10

Adam Thurman reminds us that people get involved and excited about passion, not cynicism.

The Americans for the Arts ArtsBlog had a salon this week on the Common Core standards and integrating arts into the curriculum. Many interesting posts for those doing arts education.

Over at Parabasis, the Dangerous Myth of the Individual Artist. I think I’m going to use his post as a jumping off point for one of my own. Money quote:

I really do feel that the myth of the individual artist is seriously damaging to our creative capacity and our humanity. People deny the influences that helped birth them, screw over their collaborators, and tell obviously BS stories to create a myth about themselves.  And one of the reasons why people do this is that we want to believe that the individual is the core unit of creating art.  But even in art with only one person's name on it, that's simply untrue.

A frickin’ fantastic post by Polly Carl called “Truthiness in the Politics of Theatre”. Incredibly thought provoking and well-worth the read. Just a taste:

Our problem with straightforward communication has everything to do with how good we are at producing stories, at weaving those tiny multiple threads on our stages. We understand in the very fabric of our DNA as theater practitioners what Foucault is saying—that the more successful the production can persuade and convince, the more power we have to not only get our audiences to return for the next production and maybe even donate to our theater, but the more power we have to shape the country we want to live in. My concern is that our producing acumen is causing us to believe our own spin and to lose sight of what values must lie beneath our productions.

A great article in The Nation about one of my favorite choreographers, Paul Taylor.

A Huffington Post column on how dance fits into the arts and senses.

Isherwood takes on movie musicals, finding, of course, the stage versions to have more tension and texture, as well as intimacy.