Learning About GMOs

I try to eat healthy. I have for a long time. But since starting on Isagenix in June, I've become passionate about it! I've been learning so much about food, nutrition and the psychology of eating.


In addition, I've become obsessed with eating as cleanly as possible. And that means, no GMOs. It still suprises me that there are people that: 

1. Have never heard of GMOs

2. Have heard of GMOs, but don't really understand why they are bad for our bodies and our world. 

3. Have heard of GMOs, but don't think it really affects them

I'll be the first to say, I don't know everything, and I'm still learning. And because of that, I'm attending GMO Mini-Summit, hosted by the Food Revolution Network, and featuring leading scientists and activists. It's FREE! Click here to register!

If you want to learn about:

1. How GMOs contribute to the toxicity of our environment

2. The connection between GMOs and food allergies

3. The difference between non-GMO and organic

4. How to explain GMOs, Monsanto and other issues in a clear, rational way

Then this summit is for you! I hope you join me for this great, free, learning opportunity! (Can you tell I'm excited?!?!)