Enlightened Eating

Your Mind/Body Connection Starts Here!Dr. Alejandro Junger, the creator of The Clean Program, recently spoke at the Eating Psychology Conference. He mentioned that all of the major world religions call for fasting, particularly on days of reflection and forgiveness. He talked about how toxicity of one part (food and nutrition) leads to toxicity of other parts (emotions) and therefore, cleanse of one part would lead to cleanse of the others. 

After cleansing now for a few months, hearing this connection between physical toxicity release and spiritual/emotional release was a life-changing lightbulb moment. 


Enlightenment really has 2 meanings- seeing the light and being lighter (and this can be physical and mental). Suddenly, the religious connection to fasting made sense! It wasn't about denying yourself. It was about cleansing yourself, so you are in a purer state, both mentally and physically to see the light! As Dr. Junger says, "Enlightenment requires not only a certain mental state, but a certain physical state."

Growing up in a more charismatic, evangelical church, I never fasted, and we weren't really encouraged too. We didn't even put much focus on Lent, for restriction or reflection. In college, I became an Anglican, and Lent was a serious holiday, one of the only times we go to a priest for confession. It was a time of reflection, but I still didn't fast.                                                                                                                                                                    
After hearing Dr. Junger, I started taking notice of how I felt on my cleanse days emotionally. And what I found was this: My mood was positive all during the day. My mind was sharp. I was actually more in tune with my body during the day. And on the day following, I enjoyed the taste of my food and drink more.                                      
Our minds and emotions are deeply connected to the state of our body. Not just in a "woo-woo" way, but in a scientific, biological way. 90% of seratonin (natural antidepressant) manufactured in your gut. In fact, there are more neurons there than in your brain! According to Dr. Junger, "Cleansing and detox really optimizes that factory." Sugar and carbohydrates are known to affect mood. B vitamin deficiency is tied to feelings of depression. Many food additives cause headaches or stomachaches and these physical ailments often manifest an emotional response. (For more info on chemicals and alterations for our food, check out the FREE GMO mini-summit here.)   
I wrote on Facebook yesterday that I was in a situation where the "old me" would have responded with hurt and anger. And when those emotions popped up, I was able to put them away. At the time, I credited the mindset work I've been doing for the past few months. But as I prepared to post this blog entry today, I wondered how much of that emotional control was also due to chemical and emotional balance in my physical body, as well as in my mind!                                                                                                                                                            
If you are feeling emotionally drained, or find yourself holding onto negative emotions, may I suggest nutritional cleansing? Nutritional cleansing is important to provide the body what it needs to run well, while eliminating the other junk. Just drinking water of some odd concoction for 2 days is really not the best option. We want to eliminate the things that pull us down, physically and emotionally, while supporting the balance and health of our system.  (Leave me a comment or email me for information on the program I use.)                                              
I want to encourage you to clear your body of toxins and no longer poison you emotions. I want us all to reach enlightenment- physically and mentally. The world could use more enlightened people!