10 People who have Shaped+Inspired the Way the I think.

In the past year, especially the past 6 months, I've done a ton of work on my "mindset" or my "inner game". And there have been some awesome people who helped me along the way. These people have helped me understand myself, develop my business, given me a great community to be a part of, and I'm blessed to have their influences in my life. 
1. Kelly Lynn Adams- Her feminine power applied to business and coaching is fun! I had 1 coaching session with Kelly that gave me a whole to track to pursue for my business. 
2. Jeffery Combs- He is my regular kick in the rear. You've probably seen me post his statuses on FB. Jeffery is brilliant and pushes me to be HONEST. His weekly coaching calls are FREE to all. Leave me a comment if you want more info. He's also coming to Fort Lauderdale on November 2nd, if anyone wants to go, I definitely am! Investing in Jeffery's coaching is definitely something I want to do in the next year! 
3. Alexandra Franzen- She's smart and funny. Her writing prompts get me through many blogs. In fact, this is one of them. And one suggested by #8 as well. Alex often has free resources for writers. 
4. Seth Godin- He's the best of the best, especially for thoughts on business, entrepreneurship and marketing. Subscribe to his blog!  
5. Erika Lyremark- Her book "Think Like a Stripper" is a great business book. Her coaching calls are sharp. I had the opportunity to get her perspective on my work, and it really altered how I think about my business, so to me, they are now parts of a whole, rather than seperate entities. This is another coaching service I want to invest in! 
6. Christina Morassi- She's wild and crazy. But her work on niches and passion was illuminating for me. Christina is another great community-maker! 
7. Stacy Nelson- Stacy called me out on my shyness and my fear that my artsy-ness would not serve me in my business. With Stacy's coaching, I was able to see my business from a different perspective.
8. David Siteman Garland- David is a video and online course rockstar. He always has fresh ideas for business marketing. This shout-out post is one of his recommendations as well. 
9. Susan Sly- This Isagenix millionaire has a fantastic story of MS, divorce, bankruptcy all transformed into an abundant life. Her podcast, "Step Into Your Power" is a staple on my iPod. She also has a great book, "The Have it All Woman", with practical exercises and advice. She is a "balanced living" expert. 
10. Erin Stutland- I'm on my 2nd round of her Magical Manifesters Course. Her gentle words and insightful exercises helped me get crystal clear on my business goals in the first round. I know a lot of my success in the first 6 months of CABARRET comes from the goal setting I did with Erin. The community she creates is in the course is so supportive and a great source of accountability. I mean, her course was so good, I did it twice!
I want to shout them out, because if some of you are looking for inspiration, or a butt-kicking, or clarity, maybe they can help you too!  Check out their links and enjoy!