7 Quotes to Inspire You to Just Keep Going.

I've had a really rough year. I mean, there's been some good things, but really, I'm looking forward to 2014. Some days, it's tough to maintain the positivity and joy that usually flows from me. On those days, I find these to be helpful.  The first 5 of these images are from Pinterest.com and will click through to the original post. 

Over-thinking is so easy. But it does nothing but feed the fear cycle. When your brain starts to go 100mph, stop. Breathe. And ask, "What's next?" That's it. Do the next thing. 

Only you can bring your talent to its full potential. Stop waiting for the right partner, right coach, whatever. Get to work. 

This is one of my faves, by Marianne Williamson (who's running for Congress! If you can, vote for her!). I first heard this when doing Godspell, as the beginning of the quote is in the Tower of Babel scene. I use this to get up and get going, because being afraid of success is a real thing, but a really silly one. I refuse to be afraid of what I want!

If I got a tattoo, it would be this, on my foot. 


I do.

I started making some of my own from the reading and seminars I've been doing. 
Asking questions is a good way to get yourself around the fear. Once you can start to see a solution, you can move. And here's the thing I've discovered about fear, it doesn't travel well. It wants you to stay put. If you start moving, it doesn't go with you. Sometimes you find a fear in the new place similar to the old fear. Sometimes that old fear catches up to you, if you settle for too long. But, if you are going forward, that fear is going to get left in the dust.  


I hope you find something here that can speak to you when you are feeling discouraged. If you love one of these, let me know in the comments!