Why I Need to Get Out of Your Own Way and Sell Already!


Not only am I putting Isagenix products in my body every day, but I'm selling them as well. I'm really writing this post for myself, because I'm having a hard time with the idea of "selling". I know I need to, and I do it, but each time, it scares the crap out of me. So, as I share my story and try to illuminate my own hang-ups for myself, I hope you find some information and inspiration you can use!

I should be used to selling. I used to sell insurance. I consider every time I talk about my CABARRET classes, Pilates lessons, or Public Persona coaching services, I'm selling. Isagenix products are absolutely a natural (ha-ha, pun) fit with the rest of the things I sell. But why, every time I have a conversation about any of my businesses, but especially Isagenix, that involves selling or closing the deal, do I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack?! Here are some things I need to remember:

  1. When you are in love, you want to tell everyone. In this case, I happen to be love with Isagenix. I love how it makes me feel. I love who it helps me be. And isn't that the best kind of love? The kind that inspires you to be better? To be committed?
  2. Selling is sharing. Sometimes I get freaked out by the idea of sales. Okay, lots of times. Sales is a dirty word. But, if you have good products or services, ones that really work, ones that you believe in, you are not selling. You are sharing, you're just talking about it. And we all talk, talking is easy. Like recommending a great restaurant, or spa. I know Isagenix has great FOOD (yes, it's really actually food. Not synthetic, not chemical. Plants. Lots of plants.) that nourishes my entire body from the inside out. Why wouldn't I refer others to it?
  3.  You get what you pay for. Ramen noodles are cheap. Organic and local food, or a nutritional system that gets delivered right to your door, can be a little less so. I get that. Believe me, when I look at my credit card statement and see the amount of money that goes to Whole Foods every month (well, not anymore! ;) But more on that later.), I have a heart attack. But, I need to sell it like I sell Pilates lessons-- Think of what you're now NOT paying for. You're not paying for trips to the doctor. You're not paying for meds. You're not paying for $4 Starbucks because you couldn't sleep or you don't have enough energy to finish out your day. Eating well and healthy isn't a bill you have to pay, it's an investment you make- in yourself and your relationships, so you are always at your peak. You're paying for your health somewhere. So, it may as well benefit you!

These are important lessons for me, and any entrepreneur. You are always selling yourself. Make sure it is motivated by love, for the product and the client, and has tangible benefits. Then, selling is easy. 

PS- Why don't I freak out about my Whole Foods bill anymore? Because Isagenix pays us, weekly,  on a Visa debit card. Which is all I use to pay for my groceries. My healthy food pays for more healthy food! When was the last time you said that at the grocery store?

PPS- Another prompt from Alexandra Franzen.