Fitness is Not a Number.

Photo by David Holt. Used by Creative Commons License.

Part of starting my new business, CABARRET, means changing the focus of my writings here. For years, I’ve been writing about arts education, particularly theatre and dance. While dance will still make an appearance, theatre is pretty much out (for now :) ). I’m going to be focusing on what I’m doing, and what, over the course of the past 10 years of study, in school, apprenticeship, and work experience, I’ve come to know very well- fitness.

 Fitness is not a number. It is not the weight on the scale, the size of your pants. It’s not even your resting heart rate or the number of calories burned in an hour long aerobics class. I'm not saying those things aren't important. But I am saying, that not what fitness IS.

Google "fitness". What comes up? A list of gyms in your area. And the Webster's definition. That's about it. We've narrowed fitness down to "exercise".

But fitness is so much more than that. Fitness is a way of life. A conscious choice to, every day, follow habits that are the best for you- body, mind and soul.

My fitness is different than yours. Part of this is due to blessedly good genes. But part of it comes down to the choices I make.

  • I work out, every day. Pilates or dance. A couple of days a week, I do both. I love both of these activities, and never feel that finding time to fit it in is a chore. Sometimes, I take Sundays off. Sometimes, I don’t. I give myself the choice.

  • I stand, instead of sit for my job. Part of this is, of course, the nature of the job. But it is also a choice. There are times I could chose to sit while teaching, but I don’t. Sitting is bad for our backs and hips and affects our posture and alignment.

  • And, I stand up STRAIGHT.

  • I walk wherever I can, when I can.

  • I have, very recently, come to appreciate sleep. There is an amazing clarity of mind that comes after 7-8 hours of sleep. I have also found this handy in my coffee cleanse (See below).

  • I don’t eat red meat. I keep my proteins lean- chicken, fish, eggs and legumes.

  • I eat waaaaay more than the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables.

  • I drink water. Lots of water.

  • I read. Fitness magazines and business books especially. I’m constantly looking for something I didn’t know, because I know I don’t know it all!

  • I have an amazing circle of friends. I’ve had to prune it recently. It’s amazing how a move and other life changes show you who really belongs in your life, who wants to be there. It’s hard, but there are some people that simply don’t belong in your life. No matter how much you’ve enjoyed being with them in the past, or learned from them, or whatever, if they are not actively contributing to who you are NOW, and who you are BECOMING, let them go.


These are all choices I make for myself. Things that make me feel good about me, and how I am treating myself. And all of them together contribute to my fitness.

We need to stop looking at fitness by external results, and start to see it as the sum of internal choices.