Developing Your Intuition

At the end of the Magical Manifesters course I just completed (more on that next week), there was an interview with Dr. Catherine Coulette. She said something that really made me pause. “Your intuition never wants to scare you.”

There is a difficulty distinguishing between intuition and fear. Between something not feeling “right” and just not wanting to do it.

I’m working on listening to my intuition. Finding where it sits in my body. I haven’t quite identified where my intuition is, but at least I know where it isn’t. I know it DOESN’T sit in my neck and shoulders. That’s fear and stress. And stress is just fear we put a deadline on. When I’m asking “Should I do this?” and I feel it in my neck and shoulders, it’s just fear. I should probably go ahead and do it, and get it out of the way.

I also have a tendency to put off the things I don’t want to do (I mean, don’t we all?). And sometimes, I’ll blame it on my intuition. “I just don’t feel like I should do that yet.” But it’s not. It’s laziness. Or worse, fear again. Fear of being uncomfortable. And that’s a stupid fear.

The purpose of intuition is to draw us back in. To give us pause. To make us connect again to our own bodies, minds and souls. Our own essence. We have all the information we need to make good choices. We just need to give ourselves time to listen. And to trust ourselves to make the best choice. Fear will keep you so focused on the externals, you can’t check in with yourself.

I'm learning to do this more as I make business and personal decisions. It is definitely a skill that must be practiced!

My challenge to you- Notice where you feel your intuition. Or, if you can’t feel it, notice where you feel your fear. Make decisions accordingly.