Lessons from my Lunch Bag

All Natural NutritionAs some of you know, I am finishing my 30-day cleanse on Isagenix. My friend Stacy first approached me about the products about 2 years ago. And again about 9 months ago. But in June, I was finally ready to say "Yes". The company had new products that fit with my life and body, I was looking to add a little extra income, and, I had never done a cleanse, and felt like I should!

I learned a LOT over the last 30 days. About myself. About my body. 
  1. What we want and what we need are not the same. I need food. I need carbs, proteins, vitamins, and even a little sugar, for my body to run. I want Ramen Noodles and a giant chocolate chip cookie. Not the same thing. Not even close. Give your body what it needs. Focusing on our actual needs makes us tune in to our bodies. This listening is a healthy habit. It's part of honing our intuition. And it applies to more than just our food (just like point #3). Create a habit of listening to yourself. Don't let your own voice be drowned out by the pressure of others or even the pressure of old habits (See point #5). 
  2. Our bodies require fuel to perform. What they don't require is decadence. And junk is not fuel. Fuel your life with good nutrition. Say no to the 3rd slice of pizza. Say no to the cookie. We don't put watered down gasoline in our cars, or something that is only 1% gas, the rest laboratory-made things like gas. So why do we put that in our bodies? Lots of what we consider food is simply chemicals.  
  3.  I need less than I think I do. And this one is important, because it applies to WAY more than what I eat. We so often fill our plates to the brim, have a snack, have a second drink, because we can. Not because we need it (see point 1). What we need is often less. For me that applies to my stuff- I need less. When I moved to Miami, I got rid of a LOT. And I have worked hard not to just replace it. To only buy what I need, when I need it. It also applies to my relationships- when I moved, a lot of people were left behind. When I changed jobs here, the same thing happened. By focusing on my needs, I have kept the people in my life that are really, truly important to me. 
  4. Energy is amazing. I mean, really. This has been the biggest change in using the Isagenix products.  I always thought of myself as a fairly energetic person. But I definitely had a coffee addiction. Now, my energy is through the roof. I usually go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 5, without an alarm. I have 1/2 a cup of coffee, every day except my cleanse day, when I have 0. My energy level is way up. And it feels great. I tackle each very active day, not just with physical energy, but with a clarity of mind and presence I didn't even know I was missing. And I wonder, if I was going through most of my days in a haze, and not even realizing it, how many others are as well?! I went through something similar with Pilates. At one point, I realized I had a certain about of pain in my body that I had begun to accept as normal. And it simply wasn't! Pain is not normal! Are we all doing the same thing to our mental health? Just accepting subpar feelings and actions, because they've become our "normal"? I want more than normal. I want exceptional!
  5. New habits can be made. Old habits can be broken. It just takes time. What I loved about the 30 day system is that you have enough supplies to keep you in the program long enough to make a new habit. You just have to give yourself the time. Be patient with yourself. Whatever kind of new habit you are trying to make, or old habit you are trying to break, give yourself time. Don't expect the change over night. Set yourself up for success, and give yourself time to get there. 
  6. You are stronger than you think you are. As I said above, you can make a new habit. You can break an old one. As I went through the system, I had just of what I needed to get the job done. And when I get there, I realized, I DID IT! And it was good. And it wasn't too hard. And I could probably do it again. Very empowering. 
Next week, I'll post my 30 day story and some before and after pics!