30-Day Recap

Last week I posted the lessons I learned from doing the 30-day Isagenix system. Very few of them had to do with diet/nutrition. They were really life lessons! It was a great 30 days. And, here's the great reveal!

30 Day Isagenix Before and After

I really couldn't be more pleased! The details:


  • I didn't do Isagenix to lose weight. I did it to cleanse my system and add lean muscle mass. 
  • I lost one inch on each thigh. 
  • I added one inch to each arm.
  • I have much better definition in my abs.


Best one:


  • My energy was through the roof! As someone who makes a living inspiring people to move, plus moves all day long, this was so  wonderful!


I definitely got the physical results I was looking for. Now, I want to get awesome results with my new Isagenix business! If you are ready to make a change in your nutrition- for whatever reason: weight loss, add muscle, detox, get more energy- LET ME KNOW!