My Part is Good Enough, and is Enough.

My Part is Good Enough and is Enough. I just finished the Magical Manifesters course with Erin Stutland, and I can honestly say, it rocked my world.

I knew I needed a coach, to help move ahead in my businesses and in my life. My friend Sarah had just finished the class, really enjoyed it, and had great results. I have to admit, at first, I was incredibly resistant to the idea. I had just said “I need a coach.”, and then Sarah contacted me about joining Erin’s next group. (I had manifested what I needed before I even knew it!) But, when I read about it, I thought, “I don’t know about this New Age-y, Law of Attraction stuff. I think I need to work harder, find someone to give me some money, ask God to give me what I want.” Yet, Erin seemed to be exactly the type of person I wanted to know, wanted to be. So, I signed up.

Even through the first few lessons, I was resisting. But, I did the work, because I’m a good little student. And, then, suddenly, things started really becoming clear to me. I had a great vision for my goals, I had an understanding of my present. I was able to articulate these things well.

And then, it got even better. We got really specific with time lines and details. Reverse engineering my goals with the most enlighting exercise I've ever done, particularly for my businesses.


I began to see that manifesting was really not at odds with what I felt like I needed to do in my life. I can still work hard. I can still seek funding. I can still pray. But, by declaring my needs, and my faith that I will receive everything that I need, I’m giving that energy room to move. I’m releasing control. I’m being open to opportunities and answers I would have close myself off from in my old mentality.

I’m not excused from doing my part. But I can trust that my part is good enough, and is enough.

This is my new mantra, that I wrote during the course. 

I am good enough. 

My ideas are good enough. 

I can afford to invest in myself and my ideas. 

The right people are waiting for me to be courageous and to offer them what they need.