8 Creative Ways to make your Workout even Better.

Hat tip to Alexandra Franzen again for the idea! 

Some of these are practical, some of these are mental. I hope this helps you take your workout to the next level!

1. Focus. I wrote on this before. For the love of all that's good, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING! You have a more effective workout. You will protect yourself from injury. You will actually learn, contributing to your brain health, as well as your physical health. 

2. Enjoy it! So many people MAKE themselves work out. Bummer. Sounds terrible. Why would anyone want to do that? Makes it hard to commit and stick with a routine, and then you won't get results, and then you don't have motivation to continue! Not the way we want to go! If you enjoy your workout, you will do it. Period. If it's something you actually WANT, you will make it a priority. There are sooooooo many choices out there for workouts- private lessons, group classes, on-demand videos, outdoor activities. Pilates to Crossfit, dancing to surfing, barre to hiking. Find something you like! And do it!                                                                                                                  
3. Motivational poster/pictures. I love Pinterest and the Cody Fitness app for this. Print them out or set them as your wallpaper. Find ones that speak to you. Or, make your own! The Over app and www.picmonkey.com are great resources for making your photos into motivational works of art!                     
4. Use resistance training. This type of strength training works your muscles in contraction and extension! 2 for the price of 1! I'm obsessed with resistance training. In fact, I've contributed to 2 ebooks on the subject that are coming out this fall! They can be yours, free! Leave your email in the comments, or message me with the form to the side on the contact page. As soon as they come out, I'll send them right over!

5. Get some new tunes. Check out the post from 2 weeks ago for some ideas!                                                   
6. Be kind to yourself. If you don't get to a goal, it's ok. If you are pretty sure when you do Pilates you look like a turtle on its back, it's ok. Stop the judgement. You're here, doing the work. Be proud. Stop the negative commentary. Change the message. Your body is listening. What are you telling it? 

7. Set a Goal with Baby Steps. Your goal is not to lose 50 lbs. It's to lose five. And then the next five. (Thanks to Susan Sly for this advice!) Your goal is not to run a marathon or be a figure model. It's to do this mile. To build that muscle. Baby steps for the win!                                                                                                            
8. Celebrate each win! Make it through your workout? Congratulate yourself! Check a baby step off the goal list? Pat yourself on the back! Don't move on to the next item, until you've spent a moment relishing in the fruit of all of your hard work!